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Water Extraction Services

When water invades areas in buildings where it should not have been found it will inevitable cause some damage. This type of damage is referred to as “water damage” and may be inflicted on commercial and residential buildings as a result of events such as floods caused by extreme weather, broken water supply lines, rain water being let in (for instance due to water overflowing from blocked rain gutters) or even sewage blocks and backups.
Once water has invaded a building it is essential that it be removed quickly and that restoration work will commence immediately. It is not surprising therefore that almost all restoration companies offer water extraction services.

Pumping Out Water

Especially in cases of flooded basements, but also from wherever else invading water had accumulated, the water must first be pumped away. Many people do not realize this but even the most powerful water pumps cannot raise water to a height of over 25′ or so (7.5 meters) due to a max pressure difference of up to 1 bar between the vacuum the pump creates and atmospheric pressure. Due to this inherent limitation of pumping water some ingenuity is many times required in order to achieve a steady, fast flow of water out of a flooded area of a building, especially when the water to be pumped out has accumulated in levels that are below ground level (such as basements or underground parking lots).

Water extraction via pumping will cease only once water level drops to one rendering further pumping efforts inefficient. Any remaining water must then be hauled out by hand (in buckets, using rags and sponges etc.).

Thorough Drying

Water extraction services do not halt once all the water that can be removed is gotten rid of. Rather, this only marks the point where efforts are directed at lower humidity levels or, more simply put, drying everything out.
At this stage of water damage restoration huge industrial fans will be positioned in a way that maximizes fresh air flow through the area into which water had poured in. The fresh, relatively dry air absorbs moisture as it blows through the previously flooded area, in this way humidity level is decreased until the affected area is thoroughly dry.

Owners of property which had suffered water damage should waste no time in calling in remediation experts who can provide them not only with water extraction services but also with all that must be done after as much water as possible has been removed.