Mold Removal Fremont   Water Damage Fremont

“We finally got around to getting those leaking wooden roof ceiling tiles mended and were horrified when the roofer told us we had an extensive mold infestation. We called Bay Restoration immediately as we knew this needed to be dealt with before work could continue on our leaky roof. Bay Restoration diagnosed the mold as “Memnoniella” and got to working right away on treating it.  Although the water damage and resultant mold were pretty scary to look at, they took care of it amazingly, and now we are totally mold free again. Thank you!” Dan Palmer

“You don’t really think much about the excess water that you don’t see after cleaning up post-flood. When we were cleaning up post-flood, we pulled up our carpets to dry them out and saw that our wooden floorboards were wet to the core. We didn’t have the resources or know-how to handle this ourselves, so we called in Bay Restoration’s water damage removal experts to thoroughly remove all of the excess flood water and ensure that no further water damage would occur.” Ian Findlay

“Bay Restoration is the best black mold remediation company in Fremont. I was embarrassed to discover that the “small mildew” problem I thought was under control in the garage had, in fact, become totally out of control and was now affecting the wall in the den. They assessed, treated and removed the mold and gave some great advice about steps we can take to keep those troublesome patches of wall well ventilated to avoid this again.” Sidney Thomas

“Bay Restoration came highly recommended and I was very impressed with the steps they took in implementing their water removal and water damage repair services. When our dishwasher pump malfunctioned and my daughter opened the machine to be met with a torrent of water, rather than panic we called them straight away to help deal with the “seen” and “unseen” water and its damage. The Flood Damage Technicians that came were so thorough, everything is bone dry again!” Roberta Palermo