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The problem lies in the fact that finding out about such trouble can be difficult, and in the fact that the consequences of such inflictions can be grave. Luckily, something can be done!

Most private properties have basements, crawlspaces, or any other service areas beneath them. Such spaces usually serve as home to infrastructure, machinery, or stowed boxes and other equipment put in storage. As useful as such spaces may be, they’re also susceptible to water and humidity inflictions. Moisture from the ground below, water vapor entering from vents, and humidity from other sources, can all cause water or humidity damages. Few know the true dangers of such hazards.

Why are water damages in spaces below the house dangerous?

Water damages are never good news. There are three major reasons as to why such damages are dangerous when found in spaces below the house:

  • Structure integrity: what starts as local water damages can quickly evolve into serious structure integrity dangers as uncontrolled water will weaken walls and infrastructure.
  • Contaminated air: where there’s moisture and humidity there’s more likely than not mold. Some types of mold can even be toxic. This means that the air in these lower spaces is saturated with mold spores and other contaminants. Since the air circles through the house and air from lower parts rise into living spaces, it carries with it the contaminants from these lower spaces. This means that residents of such houses are at higher risk of developing any number of health-related issues.
  • Storage: moisture and humidity can wreak havoc upon storage boxes and can cause actual damage to stored equipment, clothes, and other things.

Bay Restoration – water damages professionals

Once water damages have been identified an expert should be called without delay. Bay Restoration’s experts are extremely well trained and greatly experienced in all matters regarding water damages. Let them do the job quickly, reliably, and professionally, while you sit back and watch the experts take care of business.