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The Health Consequences of Water Damage

It’s no secret that water damage causes serious health problems. It doesn’t take very long before you start experiencing a runny nose, itchy eyes, ear infections or even shortness of breath. These are the most common and typical symptoms of water damage. You might notice a strong pungent odor seeping in through the air ducts or vents. The reason for the musty smell is directly attributed to mold, which is the end result of water damage. You cannot afford to take any risks with your health or the well-being of your loved ones.

The guilty culprit is mold. Mold can be prevented if you destroy it before it breeds. Mold usually follows a form of water damage. Whether it is a dripping ceiling or a flooded basement, you can expect to see the nasty mold almost instantaneously. There are certain levels of mold symptoms that range from a simple cough to more severe degrees of chest pains, diarrhea, constant fatigue and in serious cases, blindness, cancer and death. Remember, that tiny leak can cause all of the unwanted grief!

How to Stay Safe During a Water Damage Situation

Although you should contact a professional water damage restoration technician on the spot, there are still a few tips you can do to keep safe in the meantime. Open all the windows to let the fresh air circulate throughout the house. Shut off all valves and be careful not to touch any electrical sockets or cords that have been exposed to water. You can seal off the damaged sections to prevent small children and elderly from slipping. At this point, there should be enough time elapsed for the technician to arrive.

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