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Sewage Damage Cleanup

There is always a tendency that your sewage will become damaged. If this happens at an unexpected time, you have to take action right away before it floods the entire basement or other parts of the home. Exposure to the contaminants present in the sewage can put the people at risk for infectious diseases and it can even harm to anyone who has a compromised immune system. That is why; you have to call a Water Damage Remediation company like Bay Restoration. We are a licensed company that is capable of carrying out a mild or severe sewage damage cleanup. Our technicians will arrive immediately at your location to pump out the stagnant water and clean up the contaminants. Through our professional equipment and cleansing techniques, a growth of mold or mildew is avoided and risks related to it are minimized.

Furthermore, we have skilled furniture remodelers who can help you rescue or restore the furniture items that were damaged by the sewage. Other kinds of water damage services we provide in Fremont are;

• Water Damage Restoration
• Water Removal
• Water Damage Repair
• Water in Basement
• Water Extraction
• Flood Damage Restoration

Water Extraction

The main reason of our existence is to clean up everything and disinfect every furniture, floor or room that has been contaminated by the sewage. We, at Bay Restoration, have a team of experts that received numerous training in handling water extraction process, home remediation and even water damage restoration. With our 24/7 availability, household owners living in Fremont can approach us any time.

Water that has been stagnant for quite some time because of the sewage damage can slowly rot the wooden furniture and other valuables at home. It can even become a medium for growth of toxic molds or mildew. Thus, we are confident that we can restore your home with our state of the art equipment and expertise.