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Carefully Cleaning the Sewage

The most common ways are generally from backed up toilets, broken tree branches that have tipped over and from exploding sewage draining pipes. Contact with raw sewage should be either limited or avoided altogether. The disgusting sludge may contain serious toxins that could lead to very harmful health effects. The sewage cleanup process should be left to a highly trained pro. You should call up a professional sewage restoration company immediately.

There are a few things you can do while help arrives. Put on a pair of gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask if you spot a minor amount of sewage. Small amounts of sewage can be washed away and disinfected, but don’t get too close to the substance. You can use bleach to assist in the cleanup, but take caution never to mix ammonia with the bleach. Discard any household items that were drenched in the nasty sewage. Again, make sure you have minimal contact with the sewage and just wait patiently until the service technician stops by.

Keep Your Family Safe

This sounds rather obvious, but it’s crucial to block off all areas that have been contaminated by the sewage. Place heavy towels underneath door jambs and all around the flooring. Children should not be anywhere near the vicinity. Safeguard them by leaving the house and staying with a relative or close friend until the sewage treatment is completed. Don’t let your pets stay near the toxic sludge either. As a matter of fact, you can stand outside your home or apartment while dialing the number of a trusted sewage remediation company. The less contact the better!

Fremont Restoration to the Rescue!

If you’ve experienced a sewage spill inside your house, just reach out to Fremont Restoration for quick sewage cleanup assistance! Our helpful technicians will safely remove the raw sewage from the premises. We remain on duty 24/7, so you can’t miss us. We’ll make it a priority to arrive within a half hour to get rid of that hazardous waste. Our customer care staff will give you a terrific quote by phone as well. Give us a buzz as soon as you spot an ounce of sewage!