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Helpful Dry Out & Repair Tips

There are few things you can do in the meantime to salvage the wreckage. Here are a few helpful dry out and repair tips you can follow while the technicians are on their way:

  • Safety First – This should go without question. Safety is the key word to remember and you must make sure that small children are in a safe spot before starting the drying process. Make sure the power has been properly shut off. You can rent out a wet vacuum and dehumidifier to begin the restoration. Protect your eyes with a pair of sturdy goggles and use a dust mask in case particles of mold are floating around in the air.

  • A Picture Says a Thousand Words – Before you start the cleanup, it’s advisable to take visual proof of the water damage. The reason why you should take several photos is to document the event. This is important when negotiating the price with a restoration company and for claims adjustments through your local insurance carrier. They will want to see proof, so make the effort to snap a few shots in advance.

  • The Dry Out Process – You can use the manual for operating the powerful wet vacuum before usage. Clean around bathroom tiles and bathtubs, two areas where mold and mildew love to breed. You will then want to lift up any rugs that are drenched with water. Carefully roll them up and place them outside to dry. Air must be circulated during the early phase, so keep all windows open if possible. Let the pros handle the rest, especially wet basements.

Bay Restoration of Fremont Can Help!

Bay Restoration in Fremont is your one-stop-remediation-shop 24/7. Our experts will show up prepared to clean up the excess water damage from your house. We use environmentally-friendly equipment in the process, so you’re always breathing in clean fresh air. We use a professional water pump to suck up the water from a wet basement. We also have a safe disposal place for the filthy water in our trucks. Give us a buzz for a free estimate today!